Undercollateralized secured loans to buy digital assets.

Securely lend stable coins and earn interest.


Access to capital for crypto assets

Crypto assets do not enjoy the access to capital markets, for borrowing and lending, compared to the other assets like real estate or shares in companies. Undercollateralized loans open up whole new possibilities for access to capital for crypto investments.


Attractive interest rates

Lendefi allows lenders to earn an attractive interest rate by lending stable coins through Lendefi Protocol. The interest paid by banks on savings or term deposit is virtually non existent and in the future is likely to go negative, meaning banks will charge interest to hold money.


No Middle Man

Lendefi protocol cuts the middle man out of the lending process and removes all the red tape involved with the lending and borrowing. This removes any counterparty risk between the borrower and the lender, who then can deal on a trustless protocol.

How does it work?

Lendefi is a win-win for both borrowers and lenders as it is built completely on a trustless and secure system. Both parties can enjoy the benefits of a true DeFi system without worrying about middle-men, red tape and counterparty risks.



Lender lends the acceptable stable coins to the Lendefi smart contract (the “Contract”).



Borrower deposits stable coins to the Contract and invests in one of the listed tokens including but not limited to WBTC and ETH.



When the asset is sold, the lender’s principal is returned to the lender and the balance remains with the borrower.

Lendefi Features

Completely decentralized

Lendefi is a completely decentralized finance protocol operating on smart contracts. This allows the platform to be highly secure and trustless.

Undercollateralized loans

Users can get Undercollateralized Loans for buying crypto assets. The assets are bought directly through decentralised liquidity pools like Uniswap.

Secured lending

Lendefi allows secured lending giving the much needed confidence to the lenders in a highly volatile crypto market.

Decentralized governance

The Protocol will be controlled by the community who can participate in the governance of the protocol through Lendefi DAO.

Multiple asset support

Select from a wide variety of supported assets added to Lendefi protocol using Lendefi governance DAO.

Token burn and staking

The fees generated on the Lendefi protocol will be partly used for token buybacks for token burns and staking rewards.

Lendefi Token

LDFI is the native token of the Lendefi protocol (the “Protocol”).
LDFI is a governance token which controls the interest rate model, inclusion of supported assets, reward distribution and other terms and conditions and any changes of the Protocol.

The Protocol is governed by the Lendefi DAO governance, whereby any address holding over 1% of the tokens or voting right delegated to that address by over 1% of total supply can create proposals and the changes can be made to the Protocol via voting on the DAO.

$LDFI Token
Total Supply


Tokenomics Click Here


Participate in the governance of the Lendefi protocol through Lendefi Governance DAO.


A part of the fees generated on the protocol will be used to buy LDFI tokens for burning.


A part of the fees generated on the protocol will ben added to staking reward pool.

Core Team

Our Dogon Sirius Limited team comprises of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in finance, technology, marketing, project management and all the other skills and capabilities necessary to execute a successful blockchain project.

Dogon Sirius Limited CEO

Scott Schulz


Dogon Sirius Limited CTO

Jim Stathopoulos


Dogon Sirius Limited CFO

David Vincent


Dogon Sirius Limited Legal Counsel

Deven Khanna

Legal Counsel